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How To Think, Practice and Perform To Become a Cook

July 2, 2015 by onlineph | No Comments | Filed in Google, Internet, Social Network, Tutorials

Culinary skills is something you learn from school or at home. But one thing’s for sure, you need this skill so you can enjoy wonderful and delicious meals that you can share with your family and loved ones. Since you’ve come to this site, it’s given that you are still doubting about your cooking skills. Readmore

How to Perform CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) the Proper Way

June 30, 2015 by onlineph | No Comments | Filed in Google, Health, Internet, Science, Tutorials

Trained or untrained, everyone should try CPR to emergency patients suffering from heart attack or drowning. CPR or also known as Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is a very useful lifesaving technique that could possibly save lives. For untrained people, it is said they can perform CPR through chest compressions only. While trained personnel can do rescue breathing and chest compressions. Readmore

Philippines Slowest Internet Connections on Akamai’s Asia-Pacific

May 22, 2015 by onlineph | No Comments | Filed in Business, Google, Internet, Technology

The Philippines still belongs to one of the three slowest internet connections on Akamai’s Asia-Pacific countries list along with Indonesia and India, despite the increase in internet speed to 2.7Mbps, according to the State of the Internet report published by global cloud enterprise Akamai.

Akamai reports that the country’s broadband internet connections only had a ten percent increase from Q3 2014. While the average internet connection speed for fourth quarter had a 0.2Mbps rise, a quarter-on-quarter increase of 8.6%, and an increase of 38% from the same period last year. The country’s average peak was able to increase as well, from 21.3 last quarter and now at 21.8Mbps. Readmore

Tekken 7’s Josie Rizal might be Removed

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For the past few days, Tekken 7 announced that they added a new character, Josie Rizal which a lot of people excited about its addition to the game.

In a series of tweets by Bandai Namco’s Katsuhiro Harada, he and his team have no plan to delete Rizal on the popular game. The tweets were in line with the negative feedbacks that they received because the name was patterned with the Philippine’s national hero, Jose Rizal. And also, it may give out the wrong idea of the country and its citizens. Readmore

Google New Feature ‘Find My Phone’ to Ring Your SmartPhone Trends

April 22, 2015 by onlineph | No Comments | Filed in Featured, Google, Internet, SmartPhones, Technology

If you keep on losing your phone and even have to make it ring to find it, then Google has something for you. You can now track and ring your smartphones with Google.

Connect your Android smartphone with Google. With this, your computer can send information to your phone. Google “find my phone” and it will provide your phone’s location. To use this service for Android phones, you must first update the Google App. Readmore

Tutorial How to Check your SSS Contributions Online

April 7, 2015 by onlineph | 2 Comments | Filed in Google, Government, Internet, Technology

Having a hard time to travel to and from SSS office?

Here’s the solution for those who want to check their contribution without the hassle of traffic around the Metro. It’s free and you can check your monthly premiums and loan balances from your mobile phone or laptop.

One of the best things about checking your SSS contributions online is that you can view your SSS Static Info and employment history, download it to your computer and print it out so that you can review your previous payment. Readmore

Working Tips on How to get Blogging Sponsors and Direct Advertisers

April 6, 2015 by onlineph | No Comments | Filed in Blogging, Business, Google, Internet, Social Network

A lot of aspiring bloggers want to earn from their respective blogs. There’s one method that you can do in order for you to get recognize as a brand ambassador: getting a sponsorship.

Here are some tips in order for you to earn and get notice by brands and companies:
1. Traffic from your blog that advertisers come to you

-With the popularity of your blog, you will never know that you might become a brand ambassador for a beauty product. All you need is to be active interaction in your social media channel. If you have a significant numbers of followers, advertisers will contact you for a campaign. Readmore