How To Disable Location Access in Windows 10 Computers

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Windows 10 incorporates an entire pack of new security settings, all are critical in their own particular right, however location setting does not include to that. In case you’re security-conscious, you will doubtlessly need to research much further. All in all Windows 10’s security settings, in any event in the most current form, are a great deal more broad and exhaustive than its Windows 8.1 partner.

The most important aspect above all privacy options is the location, in light with that, your gadgets are more likely to reveal your location to other people which is quite dangerous. Fortunately, Windows 10 incorporates a superior arrangement of area situated with valuable security settings.

How To Disable Location Globally or Individually

The main difference between Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 is the fact that it can now debilitate your location either all around, so it is crippled for all client accounts on that gadget, or independently, which means that you can now actively set your very own settings for your location.

    1. Go to the Settings in Windows 10 and tap “Privacy Group”. You can also turn off the location for a specific account. Just click the button tagged as “Location” to “Off”.

  1. If you want to turn off the location for the whole gadget, just tap on the “Change” button. It will open up another window and tap “Location for this device”.
  2. Just in case you choose to leave area on, then there are further choices you have to look at. There’s your “Area history” were you can look up In case you needed to check something. If you want to clear out the history of your entire device, you just need to tap “Clear” and everything turns empty.
  3. Underneath the reasonable history alternative are the applications that really survey your area when you utilize them. This is the same than on Windows 8.1, and you just need to experience and snap “Off” or “On” any applications you need to refuse (separately) consent to get to your area.
  4. At last, there’s another “Geofencing” choice. On the off chance that you don’t realize what geofencing is, it is somewhat a boundary where your apps can view your location so they can monitor in case you’re crossing in and out. On Windows 10, on the off chance that you have an application that is utilizing your area for geofencing, it will appear under the heading. You can then keep applications from utilizing your area for geofencing by turning them off.

So that is it for Windows 10’s area settings. Microsoft has clearly given it additional time and thought than in Windows 8.1.

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