What to do if the SIM card is lost or stolen?

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In the event that the cellphone with the SIM card is lost or stolen, what should the owner do now that the SIM needs to be registered? And what happens to the person who buys a SIM that is already registered under another name? Find out.

The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) said that it will be easier to recover the number used in the cellphone once the SIM is registered.

Go to the nearest telco and tell them that your SIM card has been stolen. Just bring a valid ID and an affidavit of loss, according to DICT undersecretary Anna Mae Yu Lamentillo.

SIM registration aims to strengthen the accountability and responsibility of SIM card users.

If the SIM is registered, it is also easier to identify who used the mobile number when it is involved in fraud or crime.

At the same time, the authorities reminded to be careful of fake websites that encourage to register the SIM card there in order to steal the user’s personal information.

There are also those who offer pre-registered or registered SIM cards.

This is prohibited by law. It’s not just the fine but it comes with jail time. It is not only the person who stole the stolen SIM card who is at fault but also the buyer, warned Lamentillo.

The authorities also reminded that SIM registration is free and free of charge so beware of services offering to register the SIM in exchange for a fee.

According to the DICT and telcos, those who want help to register their SIM can go to their offices.
But Lamentillo warns, it is forbidden to submit a fake ID or someone else’s ID.

If you make it through our initial phase of registration, we still have a post verification process. And it is illegal for you to register and use another ID. Others intend to give a fake ID. That is prohibited by law. It is not possible to register the SIM card with another person, according to Lamentillo.

According to the DICT, 21 million SIMs have been registered since December 27, 2022.

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