New Discovery will change Technology with 3 Month Lasting Battery

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Our mobile phones increased function as time passed by. Once just a medium for call and texting, we now pretty much do everything with our smart phones. With all its functionality, we often see ourselves having our phone fully charged a priority.

Sure we have seen a huge improvement with battery life since cellphones had been introduced in the market. But this next technology can be a game changer, since you may be able to charge your phone just once every three months in the future. Readmore

UnionBank New Feature Allows Users to Lock ATM Cards

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As technology further develops, hackers and scammers also upgrade their ways to steal money virtually. One of the most common bank frauds is ATM skimming.

This method steals card information from the magnetic stripe on the back of the ATM card. It is often installed in ATMs with oblivious users withdraw money or make transactions.  Once your information had been stolen, the criminals make a card with your information and withdraw your hard earned money from elsewhere. Readmore

How to Easily Recover Your Hacked Facebook Account

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It is a fact that most of us invested many things on our Facebook account. It is not just merely a social media account, but a treasure trove of memories and confidential information. Those are the reasons we lose a lot when our Facebook becomes hacked.

Some would opt to just create another account, but this is not always the best decision especially when your old account holds confidential/important information. The good news is there are several ways to recover your account even after it was compromised. Readmore

Philippines: Preparing the Implementation of National ID

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The national identification system has been long proposed for the unification of different government processes for the convenience of the Filipino citizens. However, at the moment the bill still needs to undergo second and third readings. But even before it succeeds going through the process, the government is already preparing for its implementation. Readmore

Philippine Passport is now 10 years from the Current 5 years

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The Philippine Passport will now be valid up to ten years from the current five years after a signature from the President.  This after Senate approved the bill extending Philippine passport validity during its third and final reading.

The said bill will greatly benefit overseas Filipino workers (OFW) according to its proponents. Readmore

Investigation showed PLDT was not using Direct link and re-routing Traffic overseas to the US and then back to the Philippines

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It is a common knowledge for everyone that the internet speed in the Philippines is one of the slowest and unreliable in the world. Despite the surge of the telecommunication industry, there seems no hope in increasing the speed of internet connectivity.

Due to this, the government has made improving telecommunications infrastructure to assist with the development of the internet in the Philippines on their priority list. The Department of Science and Technology launched the Philippine Open Internet Exchange (PHOpenIX) together with Philippine Internet Service Providers to interconnect through a common backbone or Internet Exchange Point (IX) for efficient infrastructure. Readmore

PayPal and Gcash Partnership Allows Business Owners and Freelancers to Transfer and Withdraw without any Fees

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Good news to all Freelancers receiving their payment through Paypal! A collaboration between Digital Payment Company PayPal and GCash, micro-payment service provided by Globe, will provide freelancers and businesses with a faster and more convenient way to withdraw funds from their PayPal account.

Freelancers and micro, small to medium-sized enterprise (MSME) business owners can now enjoy zero charge on transferring and withdrawing funds and only within one day. They only need to link their PayPal accounts to their GCash accounts. Readmore