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The New Google Nexus 6 Innovative Phablet: Price and Specifications

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Google started to make and join the phablet category, unveils the Google Nexus 6, the first ever phablet made by the Google industry. With not so common 5.96 inch diagonally with Amoled Display 1440×2560QHD with 493 pixels per inch, nothing to ask for, it is the best phablet for an android geek.

Performance and Inside the Hood


Limited Edition Iron Man themed Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Released

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Samsung finally stopped their silence and showed the newest offer they can give to their valued customers. Recently Samsung confirmed that they teamed up with Marvel Studios to launch an Avengers themed version phones.

One of their products is the Limited Edition Iron Man themed Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge with Red colored exterior just like Tony Stark’s Iron Man Suit.


Zenfone 2 ZE551ML Review and Full Specifications: Game Geeks

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Asus remain to follow their design strategy from their popular Zenfone 4 to 6. But a new innovation happened to the lastest product Zenfone 2 ZE551ML,Yes it is pretty hard to distinguish this device to the recent Zenfone models. Zenfone 2 ZE551ML has the new design, Rear volume keys located at the back and also elegant, smooth metal brushed back case.


Lenovo A7000 Review: Phablet of the New Generation

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If you check Lenovo A7000, It is like a Lenovo A6000 phablet version; this monstrous device weighs 140grams with 5.5 inch display, new trend of smartphones the phablet version.

Even this device is made out of plastic casing, it doesn’t mean that it is cheap, it serves good grip for a plastic cover, you can locate its power button and volume rocker on its extreme top right that are made of metal component. Lenovo A7000’s camera have a dual flash located at the extreme top left of the back casing, This device comes with Dual SIM system plus the Micro SD Card slot to improve your saving file capacity.


Philippines Slowest Internet Connections on Akamai’s Asia-Pacific

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The Philippines still belongs to one of the three slowest internet connections on Akamai’s Asia-Pacific countries list along with Indonesia and India, despite the increase in internet speed to 2.7Mbps, according to the State of the Internet report published by global cloud enterprise Akamai.

Akamai reports that the country’s broadband internet connections only had a ten percent increase from Q3 2014. While the average internet connection speed for fourth quarter had a 0.2Mbps rise, a quarter-on-quarter increase of 8.6%, and an increase of 38% from the same period last year. The country’s average peak was able to increase as well, from 21.3 last quarter and now at 21.8Mbps.


Alcatel One Touch Flash Plus Review, Pricing and Comparison

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Alcatel is about to release its One Touch Flash Plus after being quiet for some time. Many are growing curious on what it has to offer in a competitive market.


Not getting far away from the Alcatel Idol series, it features the same signature design Alcatel had been known for. It has sleek physique with well rounded corners. The Power and volume buttons, together with the second SIM card slot are all located in the right side. You can find the microSD and first SIM card slots in the left. The micro USB port is at the bottom while the 3.5 headphone jack port is on the top.


Police to Have Body Cameras Attached

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The first phase of three-year body camera funding program is now on its way. The American government will give around $20 million in grants as part of the grant for local police departments to buy body cameras to be attached to the police officers.

The grant is part of the $75 million body camera program as requested by President Barack Obama and approved by Congress. The said cameras will be clipped on the officer’s uniforms to make a record of the interactions of the police with the citizens. This is in lieu with the rising issues on the interactions of the police and black men who are unarmed. Various protests had even escalated in different American cities.