Google New Feature ‘Find My Phone’ to Ring Your SmartPhone Trends

Posted: April 22, 2015 Updated: May 26, 2015 by onlineph | Filed under Featured, Google, Internet, SmartPhones, Technology.

If you keep on losing your phone and even have to make it ring to find it, then Google has something for you. You can now track and ring your smartphones with Google.

Connect your Android smartphone with Google. With this, your computer can send information to your phone. Google “find my phone” and it will provide your phone’s location. To use this service for Android phones, you must first update the Google App.


Simply go to the Play Store and update the Google app. Then go to the Google app and open it. Go to the mene, select Settings then Now cards. Turn on the option Show cards then turn on Show notifications.

Visit the account history and make sure that the icon switch is green. To open your browser, go to the Google app then touch the menu icon, and sign in your account if you are not yet signed in.

Now that you are signed in, you can get the location of your phone since it is now connected to your pc. In the computer’s browser, go to and click the option of ‘Find My Phone’. If your smartphone is connected to the internet, your phones location will be shown. Even if the location cannot be shown, you can click the ring to make it ring for maximum of five minutes in full volume. Once you found your phone, you can turn off the ring.

Android Device Manager can also find your phone, ring it, erase and lock. If you can’t find your phone’s location even if you have it, just open Google setting application and go to Location, then Mode and finally High Accuracy.

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