How To Convert an MS Word 2013 Document to Its Older Version

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There’s always something new in each version of Microsoft Word Document. For instance, the previous versions of word has a file extension named as “.doc”, it was then changed into “.docx” which we now see in every Word Document we save.

You must also know that the files saved in the newer version cannot be opened by the older version of Microsoft Word. But then, there’s always a solution to every problem.

Here’s how to convert a word 2013 document to its older versions:

    1. To do this, open the said document that you need to change over to the previous format and snap the “File” tab.

  1. You’ll then be redirected to another screen, tap “Save As” in the rundown menu on the left.
  2. For the “Save As” screen, verify the suitable spot (“OneDrive”, “PC”, or other spot) should be chosen.
  3. At that point, click either a folder which is under “Current Folder” or “Recent Folders” or snap the “Browse” button at the base if you can’t find them in the rundown.
  4. Explore the folder where you want to have the converted document. Choose “Word 97-2003 Document (*.doc)” in the “Save as type” located at the list.
  5. If you want, you can also change the file name and click “Save”.
  6. The “Microsoft Word Compatibility Checker” dialog box shows. This lets you know which one you will lose in your present record by saving it in the much older format. On the off chance that you would prefer not to for the compatibility of the documents, there’s a check box, “Check compatibility when saving documents”, that lets you have the action that you want to have.

In case you saved the document in a much older format, “[Compatibility Mode]” is included the title bar after the file name.

NOTE: You can do this in any MS word files changing it to lower versions of the word file.

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