Watch Military Funded Cheetah Robotic Machines with Lacer Vision Developed

Posted: June 1, 2015 Updated: June 1, 2015 by onlineph | Filed under Science, Technology, Videos.

Did you ever thought about machine and animal combination? Like the Scorponox from the Transformers? Or the human like version robot Chappie? Well after 5 years of hard work the Robotics Engineers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology discovered and developed a Cheetah like robot equipped with battery that can run as fast a normal could.

MIT team released a Video today to show off their talent, by introducing the DARPA-funded four legged sprinter. The video show about the process why this robot can avoid obstacles, by its laser sensor in front of it, after the laser processed and calculated the obstacles distance, it will trigger up its gears in algorithm method. It successfully passed the several test conducted.


MIT robotic engineer Team leader Sangbae Kim said that it is the first ever robot that can avoid continuously, and he also said that many type of robots can run by wheels, or can jump, but with guidance. The group of geniuses will attend the coming DARPA Robotics Challenge Finals in June.

Next tests will be held in the next month of June. Kim and his group are wishing that there masterpiece can be used as an emergency response in combat purposes. Kim also wants to perfect the Laser vision system of the robot.

The Team is still trying to find out on how to make the robot detect obstacles faster and sprint faster. No reports were discussed nor does hearsay that saying this robot was also funded by the Department of Defense, but still, Kim want the robot to be a part of the future heroes.

Another Robotics company located in Boston is using funds from the Government to make a better version of the robot. The Boston team’s robot can run fast up to 30mph by the help of hydraulic pump system installed.

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