Remove Cropped Screenshots In Your Microsoft Office Document

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By the time you add a screenshot to your Microsoft Office Document and yield it, you might not now that these screenshots are stored in the system and can be a security risk just in case it has sensitive information. Today, let’s resolve this problem by discussing its solution one by one.

Here are some ways to remove cropped screenshots in your Microsoft Office Documents.


Is there an approach to prevent Microsoft Office from holding the unused parts of trimmed screenshots in archives and documents?

Answer: How to erase cropped areas of a picture

Indeed, even after you yield parts of a photo, the edited parts stay as a feature of the photo record. You can decrease the record estimate by expelling the croppings from the photo document. It is additionally a smart thought to do this to help keep other individuals from reviewing the parts of the photo that you have already deleted. Reminder: This can’t be done again.

Accordingly, you ought to just do this after you are certain that you have rolled out every one of the yields and improvements that you need.

  1. Click the photo or pictures that you need to toss out.
  1. Under Picture Tools, on the Format tab, in the Adjust tab, snap Compress Pictures. Double check the pictures to be deleted since everything cannot be done again.

Note: If you don’t see the Picture Tools and Format tabs, verify that you chose a photo. You may need to double tap the photo to choose it and open the Format tab.

  1. Under Compression Options, navigate to the “Delete Cropped Areas of Pictures Check Box”. To delete cropped images choose picture or pictures and not the majority of the photos in the document. You can now select the “Apply Only To This Picture” option.

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