How To Send Instant Messages From PC to Phones for FREE

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You can now send SMS messages directly from your PC! You just need to utilize some of these useful apps so you can successfully send SMS specifically to a cellphone number.You don’t even need a cellular telephone on your end.

Here are some tricks on how to send instant messages from your PC to phones:

1. iPhones – Mac Only

If you’re lucky enough to have both an iPhone and a Mac, Apple makes this conceivable. You are required to have both — you can’t do this with an iPhone and a Windows PC. This built in option just works if you do have iPhone to partner with your Mac.

This is a piece of the “Coherence” highlight included Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite. You’ll have to  it on your iPhone by opening the Settings application, tapping Messages, and initiating Text Message Forwarding to your Mac. It ought to then work naturally in case you’re utilizing the same Apple ID to sign into both your iPhone and your Mac. Open the Messages application on your Mac and you’ll see a matched up history of instant messages from your iPhone, as well. You can answer from your Mac or send completely new messages from the Messages application. This doesn’t cost anything additional charges.

2. MightyText for Android Phones

For Android Users, the most ideal approach to do this is MightyText. MightyText is an application for Android phones. You can then sign into the MightyText web application in a web program on your PC — any PC, whether its running Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, or Chrome OS — and you can see and send your telephone’s instant messages from that point. Program expansions are likewise accessible.

The AirDroid application for Android additionally does this and functions admirably.

3. Google Voice – US Only

Google Voice is still around, but on the other hand its still just accessible to individuals situated in the USA. Just in case you are situated in the USA, you can sign up for Google Voice without paying anything. Google Voice gives you another telephone number or you can have your old one.

Sign into the Google Voice site and you can send and get instant messages at that telephone number. You can likewise have calls and instant messages sent to that telephone number be consequently sent to your essential telephone number. Sending instant messages and putting telephone calls to numbers in the US and Canada is totally free with Google Voice. You’ll need to pay Google to send instant messages somewhere else.

4. Skype

Skype offers the capacity to send instant messages from the Skype in your PC and is accessible around the world. On the other hand, Microsoft does charge for this administration, so you’ll need to pay to send instant messages from Skype. You just need to fay for credit and you can send and get instant messages specifically from Skype. Then again, these won’t synchronize with the instant message application on your cell phone.

Individuals won’t have the capacity to react specifically to these messages, however you can set up sender ID to have the messages shown as originating from your versatile number.

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