Ultimate Guide on How to Renew Passport Online 

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Renewing your passport soon?

You are lucky to enjoy the new ePayment system recently launched to make the process faster and less hassle. Gone are the days when it takes forever to wait online for an appointment slot in the Department of Foreign Affairs. From two to three months, the waiting game is now as short as two weeks!

You heard that right, you can secure your appointment slot thanks to the new payment process that prevents agencies from hoarding slots.

In this guide, you will learn the:

  • Who Can Renew Philippine Passport?
  • Core Requirements to Renew Your Philippines ePassport
  • Supporting Documents If You Lost your Old Passport
  • How to Renew Your Philippines Passport
  • How to Renew Your Non-ePassport (Brown, Green, or Maroon Passports)
  • Passport Application for Minors
  • Frequently Asked Questions For Passport Renewal

Can You Renew Your Philippines Passport?

Having an expired passport doesn’t mean that you can easily apply for a new ePassport. 

Unfortunately, this system does not work that way. If your old passport is brown, green, or maroon (machine-readable), your application will be considered as “new”.

An ePassport is a Philippine passport with a micro-ship embedded on it. You will know if you have an ePassport if the cover of your passport has a microchip icon at the bottom of the cover.

The new system for ePassport renewal will be available to you if:

  • your ePassport is expired,
  • your ePassport will soon expire within the next year, and
  • your ePassport is already full or only have a few blank pages left.

If you are confident that you are eligible for online ePassport renewal, you need to prepare these requirements.

What Are The Requirements to Renew Your Philippine Passport

For regular ePassport renewal, there are only 3 requirements to prepare:

Confirmed Online Appointment

Since March 1, 2019, DFA no longer entertains walk-in applications. This means you must have an online appointment first before you will be entertained.

Securing an online appointment is a free service. There is no need to hire a fixer for this

Accomplished Application Form

Once you are done with your online appointment, you would need to print out your passport appointment packet. This is a set of documents the DFA will send to your email once you have completed the appointment and paid for the renewal fee in one of the select ePayment channels.

Current ePassport (including a photocopy of data page) 

This means you have to photocopy the second page of your most recent passport regardless if it is still valid or expired. 

If your passport is still valid, it will be considered as your valid ID during the renewal process.

Original PSA authenticated documents (in case you have changed your name)

In case you have changed your name or your family name, you will need to bring a secondary document that has been authenticated by PSA.

  • Marriage Contract
  • Annotated Birth Certificate
  • Annotated Marriage Contract to show annulment/divorce/court-ordered instruction
  • Death Certificate of Spouse

On the other hand, if you got married but you chose to keep your maiden name, there is no need to provide a marriage contract.

Supporting Documents If You Lost your Old Passport

Lost your valid ePassport? 

Then be prepared to be treated a new passport applicant.

You need to book your online appointment and go through the same process the same with the new applicants. You will need to provide a PSA authenticated birth certificate unless you have a photocopy of your last issued passport.

You will also need the following:

  • Police Report (written in English) 
  • Affidavit of Loss (written in English)
  • Penalty Fee of Php350

3 Easy Steps on How to Renew Philippine Passport

Nowadays, DFA has opened numerous satellite branches aside from its main offices to accommodate the increasing number of passport applications.

Now that most of the process is done online, there is no need to get intimidated. Here are the three easy steps that you can follow!

Step 1: Schedule Your Passport Appointment Online 

You will begin by setting an online appointment. Do this as early as possible. You can even set it 2 to 3 months ahead since there are a lot of other Filipinos who would want a slot. 

  • Visit the DFA Appointment System website.
  • Choose an option between an appointment as an individual or as a group before you tick the box indicating that you understand the terms.
  • Select your preferred DFA office. Do not be afraid to choose the most convenient site. Don’t get stressed thinking that one site easily gets fully booked than the others. You can change the branch afterward if you want to change it or if you can’t find any vacant slot there.
  • Pick a date and time. It is good to know that some satellite offices are open even on Saturdays. You will see a calendar. Green slot means available and red means full.
  • Fill up the form and choose RENEWAL in the Application Type. Be sure to use a personal Gmail account to ensure that you will receive the Payment Reference Number.

Pro Tip When Getting a Passport Appointment Online 

  1. If you can’t see an empty slot, you can change the branch or site. Do not forget to keep refreshing the page since the slots can be available if the person who reserved it did not pay on time.
  2. Try searching at 12 noon and 9 pm since more slots are opened during this time.
  3. Search the other sites or branches that are not as popular as the main DFA offices such as the offices in malls. Others prefer the site in nearby provinces.
  4. Decide as quickly as possible. As soon as you see an available slot, you have to make up your mind whether you will grab it or not because it could be taken any minute.
  5. Use a reliable internet connection. You need to be quick when booking a slot and you will need a good internet connection to do that.

Step 2: Pay Your Passport Processing Fee

Make sure that you pay your processing fee as soon as you can since the system will only reserve it for you in just 15 minutes.

What you are paying is the processing fee and not the appointment fee. Choose the type of process that you prefer. 

The Regular Processing Fee is 10-15 days in Manila for Php950.

The Express Processing fee only takes 5-7 days in Manila for P1200.

  • After choosing the type of process, you need to click PAY NOW.
  • Then a pop up will appear. Check the agreement tick box and click the PROCEED TO PAYMENT.
  • Expect the payment page to list your payment options, reminders and the amount you have to pay. There is no payment for setting an appointment, but there is a convenience fee of Php50 per person on top of the processing fee. Review the details before clicking PROCEED.
  • Open your email and check if you have received the Payment Reference Number.
  • Pay the amount by following the payment instruction. You have 24 hours to pay the fee.
  • After paying the fee, check your email if you receive an appointment confirmation from DFA. Attached is the application form, your reminders and receipt. You have to print them in A4 and bring them on your appointment date.

Pro Tip When Paying Your Passport Fee

  1. Always pay the exact amount.
  2. Use CASH only.
  3. Be sure to check your email after payment.
  4. If you are paying for different reference numbers, pay separately.
  5. You can pay through remittance centers like M.Lhuillier, Cebuana Lhuillier, and Villarica Pawnshop.
  6. No appointment will be needed if you are a senior citizen, PWD, Solo Parent, pregnant, OFW, or accompanying a minor.
  7. Minors ages 7 and below do not need a scheduled appointment.

Step 3: Be on Time For Your DFA Passport Appointment Schedule

Be 30 minutes ahead of your scheduled appointment. You should have the complete set of requirements to assure a quick process. And though Pinoys love having companions, this is not advisable because DFA has a  “No Escort” policy.

Since the new passport will have a 10-year validity, you would want to look your best. 

  • Expect a line towards the Document Verification Window. The line is usually short, so you have to make sure that you have the complete documents and the needed photocopies.
  • Have your personal details, biometrics, and fingerprints encoded. Make sure that your details are spelled correctly. 
  • Get a stamp on your receipt with the date of release. Let them know who will receive your passport in case that you will not be available on the release date and you opted for door-to-door delivery.

Online Application for Renewal of Non-ePassport (Brown, Green, or Maroon Passports)

If your passport is brown, green or maroon, that means your passports are not yet considered as ePassports. You will be considered as a new applicant.

You will need to confirm an online appointment on the DFA website. Accomplish an application form. Photocopy the data page of your passport. If you have changed your name, bring your secondary documents. 

Do not forget to bring a valid ID.

Passport Application for Minors

If you want your kids to acquire a passport, you need to provide a copy of their PSA-authenticated birth certificate. Either of the parents or legal guardians has to show an original copy of valid ID and a photocopy. 

If the parent or legal guardian is not available someone else can take their place provided that you have written a Special Power of Attorney that the person will accompany your child. 

Frequently Asked Questions For Passport Renewal

What if the PSA Birth Certificate is not clear?

***Provide a copy of the birth certificate from the Local Civil Registrar. 

Will my passport number change?

***Yes. Each passport has its own set of numbers. You can’t use an expired passport so you need to get a new valid one with a new set of serial numbers.

Can I renew my Philippines passport abroad?

***Definitely! This is true for OFWs and permanent residents. Simply visit the Philippine Embassy or Consulate-General to renew your passport. Just be sure to prepare all the needed requirements to avoid teh hassle.

Do I really need a PSA Birth Certificate for passport renewal?

***Though there is no need for a birth certificate for passport renewal, you may need in some cases.

DFA still requires the birth certificate if:

  • You have lost, damaged or mutilated Philippine passports.
  • You are included in the DFA watchlist.
  • Your recent passport was maroon, green or brown.
  • You need to change vital information in your passport.

What should I do if I typed the wrong information in my renewal application form?

Do you not have to worry if you have misspelled some of your information. The document verification process will be able to detect any inconsistent information. Once you get to that step, simply mention it to the DFA employee.

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