Watch Samsung S6 Edge undergoes ‘Bendgate’

Posted: April 4, 2015 Updated: May 18, 2015 by onlineph | Filed under Reviews, SmartPhones, Technology, Videos.

Are you excited to buy Samsung S6 Edge?

Few days from now, the latest flagship mobile device will hit the market soon. The company who bend the iPhone 6 Plus did it again! This time, they did “Bendgate” the S6 Edge.

SquareTrade, the company who offers insurance plans for smartphones did some smashing drop test the latest mobile phones such as iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung S6 Edge and HTC’s One M9 to the test using their new machine called BendBots. It is tested how much pressure each smartphone could take before it bent and eventually broken.


According to the company, the machine simulates the forces produced in the average person’s back pocket and shows exactly what happens when up to 350 pounds of force is placed on a phone. They first applied pressure in 10-pound increments until the machine distinguish the phone bending and then they checked on how much force each phone can take before breaking completely.

Using the machine, iPhone 6 was bent once the machine made it up to 110 pounds and the phone’s working despite of the crack in the surface.

Meanwhile for HTC One M9 which was bent over 120 pounds of pressure and the power switched popped off which the phone’s unusable.

Unluckily for Samsung S6 Edge, it was down to 110 pounds of pressure, with cracked on the phone’s curved edge. Yet the despite the crack, the phone’s working but when it was held up to 149 pounds, the smartphone was shattered completely.

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