How to Add or Remove Authors in Office Documents

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The default author for each document you have will be the username you entered when you first registered your account. But you shouldn’t get worried because you do have the change to change authors and the user name as well. You can even add more authors if you want to.

As a matter of course, the creator of a record is situated to the client name you entered when you introduced Word.

  1. To add a creator to a file, tap the “Document” tab.
  2. Verify the “Information” screen is the actual backstage screen. In the “Related People” portion of the “Info” screen, see that the client name from the “Summary” data is recorded as the creator of the file. To include another creator, snap “Include a creator” under the client name.
  3. In the edit box, you can add the author’s name. You can also easily attach the person’s name if you have it in your address book.
  4. To wrap up the Author’s name, tap on any free space on the “Info”. The extra creator shows in the “Related People” portion.
  5. Adding another author is also possible through editing “Author” located at the “Summary”. Tap “Properties” at the “Info” section and choose “Advanced Properties” from the list.
  6. On the dialog box that displays the “Summary” section, you will see that the recently added author is already added to it. You can also add more authors, you just need to put semicolon after each author you add.
  7. In case, you want to remove an author, simply right-click the name of the author then tap “Remove Person”.

Then again, you can change the client name, in this way changing the fundamental creator, and additionally add creators to or expel creators from an archive.

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