Apply and Register NBI Clearance Online, Purposes and Fees

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Hassle over lining up early at NBI clearance kiosk?

Recently, National Bureau of Investigation announced that application on their NBI clearance goes online. According to DOJ Secretary Leila de Lima that the system will continue to roll out and implement solutions.


Here are the procedures to apply an NBI Clearance online:

1. Visit NBI Clearance Online Application page through or

2. Fill-up the application form online. Kindly provide correct information such as contact details on the said form. Make sure that you have valid ID needed to present when claiming the clearance.

Here are valid ID that need to authenticate your identity regarding the application:

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· Voter’s ID
· Valid passport
· Postal ID
· Driver’s License
· PRC License
· School ID
· Philhealth ID
· Alien Certificate of Registration
· Senior Citizen

3. You will receive a confirmation email. Print out the said form with the assigned Registration Code. If you don’t have a printer, jot down the Registration code or save the file as PDF.

4. Visit the nearest NBI Clearance Center in your area. Just present your Registration Code and 2 valid IDs (original with your signature) and pay the corresponding clearance fee.

5. You may proceed to Online Application Counter area which will you take your picture and undergo fingerprint biometrics.

6. For those you got ‘No Hit’, proceed to Releasing Section, for the printing and issuance of your NBI clearance certificate. If you receive a “With Hit’ in your receipt, you will advised to come back on the release date. Then, proceed to Quality Control Section for interview, your clearance will be issued upon evaluation and cleared by the QC Interviewer.

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Here is the complete list of purpose and the corresponding fees that you would need to pay when obtaining your NBI clearance.

When you acquire an NBI Clearance, you would be required to pay some fees. The amount that you would settle depends on the purpose of obtaining your clearance.

As of present, NBI Clearance for Abroad Purposes and NBI Clearance for Local Purposes are two different things. Under those categories, there are also a lot of subcategories with slightly different fees.

When applying for your NBI Clearance, make sure to state your specific purpose so your document would not be deemed invalid when you submit it as a requirement for whatever reason.

Here is the complete list of purpose and the corresponding fees that you would need to pay when obtaining your NBI clearance as of April 2017.

NBI Clearance Fees for Abroad Purposes

  • For Deportation 115
  • Immigration Requirement 115
  • Passport Renewal 115
  • School Visa 115
  • Self-Deportation 115
  • Travel Abroad 115
  • Travel Africa 115
  • Travel Asia 115
  • Travel Australia 115
  • Travel Canada 115
  • Travel Central America 115
  • Travel Diego Garcia 115
  • Travel Dubai 115
  • Travel Europe 115
  • Travel Hong Kong 115
  • Travel Libya 115
  • Travel Micronesia 115
  • Travel Middle East 115
  • Travel New Zealand 115
  • Travel North America 115
  • Travel Palau 115
  • Travel Papua New Guinea 115
  • Travel Qatar 115
  • Travel Saipan 115
  • Travel Singapore 115
  • Travel South America 115
  • Travel Taiwan 115
  • Travel USA 115
  • VISA Australia 115
  • VISA Canada 115
  • VISA China 115
  • VISA New Zealand 115
  • VISA Seaman 115
  • VISA Seawoman 115
  • VISA USA 115

NBI Clearance Fees for Local Purposes

  • ACR Requirement 415
  • Adoption 165
  • BID Requirement 115
  • Business Requirement 165
  • CA Requirement 115
  • Cancellation of ACR 415
  • Change of Gender 115
  • Change of Name 165
  • Correction of Birthdate 115
  • DOT Requirement 115
  • Enlistment AFP 115
  • Enlistment PNP 115
  • Firearms License 165
  • For Probation 115
  • For Promotion 115
  • ID Purposes 115
  • Lateral Entry 115
  • Local Employment 115
  • LTO Requirement 115
  • Marriage Requirement 115
  • Naturalization 415
  • NFA Requirement 165
  • NSO Requirement 115
  • NTC Requirement 165
  • Other Requirement 115
  • Permit to Carry Firearm 165
  • PNP Requirement 115
  • POEA Requirement 165
  • PRA Requirement 165
  • PRC Requirement 115
  • Repatriation 415
  • Seaman’s Book 115
  • Seawoman’s Book 115
  • SEC Requirement 165
  • Special Investor Residence Visa 165
  • SSS Requirement 415
  • Student VISA 415

Currently, there is a directive signed by Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II to make the NBI Clearance Multi-Purpose and make all fees standard, but as of the moment when you apply for a clearance, you would still be paying the above fees.

Also do not forget, that you would be charged Php25 for e-payment services when applying for online registration. Some payment centers also charge different amount of service fee.

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