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Google URL Shortener also known as, is shutting down

April 12, 2018 by onlineph | Comments Off on Google URL Shortener also known as, is shutting down | Filed in Blogging, Business, Google, Internet, Technology

The popular URL shortening service, Google URL Shortener also known as, is shutting down. Firebase Software Engineer Michael Hermanto announced the closure of one of the most useful tools on the internet which allows users to easily share links, measure traffic online, and shorten URLs. Starting April 13th, new and anonymous users would not be able to create links through the console, but existing users can use the server for at least another year. After which, Google will discontinue the service completely. Readmore

Telstra’s Venture in the Philippines, is Just a Hoax and Not True

November 6, 2015 by onlineph | No Comments | Filed in Business, Google, Internet, Social Network

Since the rumors started, people had been wondering when will it start. They got excited when unconfirmed news about Telstra providing unlimited internet with better speed than local telecom companies will be within the reach of consumers.

Facebook users were excited to finally get the internet speed they had always wanted that they posted and reposted the news that Telstra might be venturing in the country. Readmore

How to Add or Remove Authors in Office Documents

September 5, 2015 by onlineph | No Comments | Filed in Google, Internet, Tutorials

The default author for each document you have will be the username you entered when you first registered your account. But you shouldn’t get worried because you do have the change to change authors and the user name as well. You can even add more authors if you want to.

As a matter of course, the creator of a record is situated to the client name you entered when you introduced Word.

Remove Cropped Screenshots In Your Microsoft Office Document

July 29, 2015 by onlineph | No Comments | Filed in Featured, Google, Internet, Technology, Tutorials

By the time you add a screenshot to your Microsoft Office Document and yield it, you might not now that these screenshots are stored in the system and can be a security risk just in case it has sensitive information. Today, let’s resolve this problem by discussing its solution one by one.

Here are some ways to remove cropped screenshots in your Microsoft Office Documents. Readmore

How To Send Instant Messages From PC to Phones for FREE

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You can now send SMS messages directly from your PC! You just need to utilize some of these useful apps so you can successfully send SMS specifically to a cellphone number.You don’t even need a cellular telephone on your end.

Here are some tricks on how to send instant messages from your PC to phones: Readmore

The New Google Nexus 6 Innovative Phablet: Price and Specifications

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Google started to make and join the phablet category, unveils the Google Nexus 6, the first ever phablet made by the Google industry. With not so common 5.96 inch diagonally with Amoled Display 1440×2560QHD with 493 pixels per inch, nothing to ask for, it is the best phablet for an android geek.

Performance and Inside the Hood Readmore

How To Think, Practice and Perform To Become a Cook

July 2, 2015 by onlineph | No Comments | Filed in Google, Internet, Social Network, Tutorials

Culinary skills is something you learn from school or at home. But one thing’s for sure, you need this skill so you can enjoy wonderful and delicious meals that you can share with your family and loved ones. Since you’ve come to this site, it’s given that you are still doubting about your cooking skills. Readmore